MiniTrencher is an American Company that distributes portable commercial Mini Trenchers for a simpleĀ trenching solution. Contractors no longer need to spend hours of their day hand trenching with a pickĀ and shovel for smaller, tight, curved, narrow or hilly areas.


MiniTrencher's new product line of portable, commercial hand held trenchers. Replacing the need for a pick and shovel,The GeoRipper Series takes a fraction of the time to trench. The GeoRipper is compact some model weighs as light as 30 lbs enabling the capability of trenching in tight spaces. Used effectively for irrigation, electrical, fiber optic, landscape edging, root barriers, fencing; the trenching applications are endless!

Providing contractors with an alternative to large and cumbersome trenchers, the GeoRipper utilizes a heavy duty two stroke engine to power a self-sharpening chain trencher. The GeoRipper digs through dirt, clay, tree roots up to three inches thick, rocky soil and coral rock with impressive speed and ease due to its belt-driven engine. Additionally, the handheld trenchers GR16 & GR 20 can be mounted on an EZ KartTM for longer runs that require consistent digging depths. GR27/Dolmar PC8216 comes standard with the EZ KartTM .


Click here to watch the GeoRipper in action.