Our Manufacturers
Centaur Centaur

Centaur Floor Machines Ltd.

CTR Fastenening Systems

Fastening Tools

Floor cleaning machines

Forklifts and Pallet Trucks

General Equipment General Equipment

General Equipment Co.

Safety Vests

Hole Digging, Surface Preparation and Ventilation Blowers.

Safety Pylons



Jack Jaw

Jack Jaw Stake & Post Extractors

Portable Motor Mixers.

JackJaw® extractors make an easy task of pulling stakes and posts.

Koshin America Corp. Koshin

Koshin Pumps

L.B. White L.B. White L.B. White Construction Heaters & Torches

Pump manufacturing Specialists

Direct-fired and vented heaters and torches.





Provides high-quality professional diamond tools and accessories for cutting, grinding and drilling.

Mini Trenchers for Landscapers, Electricians, General Contractors and more.

NorthRock Industries Inc. NorthRock NorthRock Industries, Inc. Shark Pressure Washers Shark

Shark Pressure Washers

Concrete and Electric Vibrators. Specialize Ceiling and Industrial Grinders.

Pressure washers

Speed Clean USA

Speedy-Clean USA

Sure Cut Inc. SureCut SURECUTTM

Technologically advanced and effective products used to clean or improve a variety of substrates.

SURECUTTM is the safe, easy and quick way to trim your fence posts to the required height.

Taylor Tools

Taylor Tools

Toku America

Toku America

Floor Covering Installation and Concrete Surface Preparation Equipment.

Construction and Demolition Equipment.

Total Equipment

Post Pounder

Post Pounder