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Centaur Floor Machines

Extra Tough Cleaning Machines That Eat Up Dirt Without Eating Up All Your Time. Check Out Centaur Floor Machines, Vacuums, Tools & Accessories.

THE SL-3 / SL-5

Dry Canister Vacuum For “Hard” DAILY Cleaning… Even Aircraft Cleaning.

How You Can Always Rely On The SL-3 / SL-5 “Workhorse” Vacuums For The Toughest Jobs, Built Like a Tank, Fast & Nimble as a Sports Car.

1. One of the toughest and sturdiest built vacuums to withstand any sort of abuse

2. Gives superior performance & reliability to outlast & outperform competing vacuums for long hours and “hard” daily use.

3. Multiple levels of filtrations provide you cleaner air.

4. 1.5 inch hose & intake easily picks up larger debris.

5. Easily pull along and maneuver the vacuum on any surface with its superior ball-bearing casters.


The Wet/Dry “Building Site” Vacuum Cleaner For The Most Demanding Jobs

The Falcon Is Purposefully Designed For Debris & Slush That Would “Choke” Any Other Vacuum Cleaner, The BIG Size Wet/Dry Vacuum For The Toughest Jobs

1. A favorite vacuum for the construction/rental industry for its robust and tough construction.

2. The large 45-50L (12-13 gal) tank capacity with steel frame is perfect for demanding and larger jobs.

3. The thick polyurethane tank is corrosion resistant and designed for maximum longevity.

4. The larger Falcon-5 HEPA (50L) allows for direct-to-garbage bag collection.

5. Deluxe models come with a tool caddy & drain hose for efficiency.


Grinds & Polishes Concrete and Stone Floors… PLUS Lets You Work on Countertops Too

How The Stonechat Helps You Refinish Stone With Less Effort, Heavy-Duty 110V 15A Floor Grinder & Polisher

1. Plugs into any standard 110V 15A outlet (and handles up to 400 lbs of additional weight to restore floors faster)

2. Integrated SplashGuard with dust port keeps the work area clean & dust-free.

3. Built-in amperage meter with shows you how much weight you can safely add without tripping the breakers.

4. Offset handle helps reduces fatigue on the operator.

5. Converts easily to a countertop grinder & polisher.

Vacuum Accessories & Tools

Vacuum Tool Kits

These are the vacuum tools to use for everyday floor vacuuming tasks…

These tool kits help you complete daily floor vacuuming tasks from cleaning smooth surface flooring to cleaning carpeting to cleaning liquid spills. The combination floor/carpet tool is included in each of these tool kits.

Power Brush (Power Head)

The power brush is essential for deep cleaning carpets…

The Wessel-Werk commercial-grade power brush lets you extract dirt from the deeper fibers of the carpet. The power brush glides effortlessly and comes as a “plug & play” kit, where everything you need to work your power head is included.

The power head is compatible with all Centaur vacuums via the on-board electrical/power receptacle.

18″ Versa Wet/Dry Combination Tool

This is the one tool to use for both wet & dry vacuuming on any type of flooring…

The Versa Tool cleans all flooring surfaces with great results without requiring any additional tools. The Versa tool offers an 18″ cleaning path and glides in both directions on height adjustable wheels. It takes just seconds to swap the removable bristle brushes (used for cleaning carpets or dry floors) to non-marking squeegee blades and for liquid pickup.

Liquid Pick-up Tools

These are the tools to use to clean up after a spill or flood…

Whether you’re dealing with small spills or larger floods, these professional tools will get the job done efficiently and clean up the mess quickly. Job specific blades (for chemical spills and oil & grease) are also available.

Carpet Tools

These are the vacuum tools to use to get the best results when carpet cleaning…

These fast and efficient carpet cleaning tools are essential for any commercial cleaner cleaning offices and carpet flooring on a daily basis. These tools are effective in cleaning & maintaining different piles of carpets.

Smooth Surface Tools

These are the tools to use to keep hard surface floors looking dust-free with ease & efficiency…

These durable tools are ideal for cleaning hard surface flooring such as marble, granite and concrete. From picking up large volumes of debris to sweep vacuuming, these tools will help you keep your floors looking clean with ease.

Crevice Tools

These are the crevice tools to use to pick up dirt from and narrow gaps & spaces…

Crevice tools are the most efficient aids in cleaning narrow or difficult-to-reach areas. Virtually eliminating bending and stretching to get the job done. Made of durable plastic or practically indestructible steel with lengths up to 27″.

Dusting Brushes

These are the brushes to use to clean dirt & dust from delicate furniture…

These dusting brushes come in both nylon and horsehair bristles and are designed to clean the dust off surfaces on furniture, trim and delicate surfaces without leaving a mark.

Sidewinder Tools

These are the revolutionary tools to use for easy, quicker vacuuming…

Sidewinder tools are designed for cleaning in a side-to-side sweeping motion rather than the traditional back-and-forward motion. This sweeping motion is more natural and allows you to clean surfaces in half-the-time plus decreases user fatigue. The sidewinder’s swivel action also makes it ideal for overhead cleaning, cleaning walls, cleaning around ventilation, and cleaning in narrow and low spaces.

Hoses & Hose Ends

These are the hoses and connectors to use to get powerful suction performance from your vacuum…

Having the right type of hose, hose end, and connector is important to give you continuous powerful performance from your vacuum. These couplers, cuffs and hose ends will help you connect the all the tools you need.

Vacuum Wands

These are commercial-grade wands and extenders to use to reach ceilings, air ducts, cleaning vents and far to reach areas…

These extension wands, extenders & fittings are a must for any commercial cleaner wanting to do a better job of reaching those hard to get to areas. The wands & tools make vacuuming easy and ergonomic saving you time & effort.

Vacuum Filters

These are the replacement filters to get for your Centaur vacuum…

Select from reusable/washable dry cloth and wet filters, to HEPA filters, to paper bag filters, to fine dust filters for your Centaur vacuum.

Pipe & Ventilation Tools

These are the pipe & ventilation tools to use to easily get rid of dust and dirt from overhead pipes, ventilation & air ducts…

These tools are designed to clean hard-to-reach pipes and ventilation ducts. Attach these tools to a telescopic wand coupled to a 45 degree goose neck wand, and you now have a way to reach pipes as high as 20’ for easy overhead cleaning.

Machine Accessories & Tools

The Scrub Jay Baseboard Tool

This is the baseboard tool to use for easy, quicker baseboard cleaning, scrubbing & stripping…

The Scrub Jay baseboard attachment lets you clean miles of “square” and “cove” baseboards in up to 96% less time. When you attach the Scrub Jay #4 to the Scrub Jay #3, you’ll clean baseboards that are 8″ tall with ease, and faster than ever before.

On-Board 16 L (4 GAL) Deluxe Water Tank

This is the water tank to use for jobs that require a water supply – like stripping floors, baseboard cleaning & stone restoration…

Water Release Handle – Pull the stainless steel handle and control the flow of water on to the Scrub Jay. The handle is located right under the machine handles for easy operation (just like controlling your braking when riding a bike).

Leak Free Design – When the machine is tipped back to change the drive block no solution will leave the top of the tank where the pull handle exits.

Splash Proof Lid – The lid prevents liquid from splashing out of the tank on the operator. Opens and closes with the lift of a finger, and stays open for easy filling.

Floor Machine Weights

These are the weights to use for extra “muscle” and speed on cleaning jobs…

Adding weights to a floor machine creates more downward pressure as you’re working.

The more downward pressure you create, the quicker you get your job completed. The 40 lb horseshoe weights are engineered for exactly this purpose. 40 lb weights can be easily stacked on top of each other and are designed to fit most floor machines, not just Centaur machines.

Time Saving SplashGuards

These are the SplashGuards to use to prevent “the mess” from spraying everywhere during cleaning jobs…

All Centaur machines are equipped with a unique integrated (and removable) SplashGuard which is designed to keep the dust, slurry and mess created during a job from ending up on walls, baseboards, furniture, planters or in the air.

No need to spend endless hours pre-taping off surfaces that you want to protect from getting dirty, and no need to clean/wipe-down baseboards or surfaces after finishing your job.

The integrated SplashGuard is non marking, long-lasting, and will also prevent the power cable from getting caught under the floor machine (which is a very common problem).


Drive Blocks (Pad Drivers)

These are the pad drivers to use for the best polishing, stripping, & scrubbing results you’ve ever seen…

The multi-purpose polymer drive blocks (also called pad drivers) feature built-in risers and universal clutch plates that will fit almost any rotary machine on the market that uses a standard gear box.

The pads have hundreds of individual and hardy hooks to securely hold pads in place while being used. These drive blocks will help you get better results when polishing, stripping and scrubbing.


Floor Cleaning Pads

These are the floor cleaning pads to use for everyday floor cleaning & maintenance…

These high-quality floor maintenance pads are made out of 100% recycled polyester and are manufactured without the use of any formaldehyde resins. Choose from a wide selection of floor pads for stripping, scrubbing, polishing, burnishing and buffing.

TYNEX Brushes

These are the brushes to use for multipurpose scrubbing & stripping jobs…

These carbide impregnated nylon bristles ensure consistent scrubbing and stripping action throughout all stages of brush wear. Designed to be used wet, the TYNEX brushes offer unmatched value such that ONE TYNEX brush typically outlasts 100 floor pads!

Carpet Cleaning Brushes, Bonnets & Drivers

These are the brushes, bonnets & drivers to use for the best carpet cleaning results…

Bonnet/encapsulation cleaning with Centaur’s Rabbit-8 machine is the fastest way of maintaining carpets quickly and effectively. For deeper cleaning, carpet shampoo brushes are available in various sizes and models.

Floor Grinding Tools

These are the tools to use to get grinding jobs done quicker than ever before…

Select from a wide selection of tools to complete any grinding task you have. From exposing aggregate, removing epoxy, concrete prep to removing lippage – the tools shown here will help you get your job done quickly and effectively.

Diamond Disks and Tools

These are the diamond disks to use to grind, hone & polish stone floors to perfection…

If you’re looking for economical, long lasting and premium diamonds to finish a floor to perfection, here are diamonds that will deliver the results.

ASTRO Diamond Pads

These are the revolutionary diamond pads to use for incredible floor restoration results…

ASTRO pads are the GREEN method to maintain stone surfaces. Replacing floor wax with a hardened mechanical shine eliminates the use of chemicals.

Available from 200 grit to 6000 grit, ASTRO pads are ready to take on your next honing and polishing job, lasting longer than traditional resin diamonds and costing much less.

Sanding Tools

These are the sanding tools to use to get the smoothest sanded wooden floors…

Select from a choice of sandpaper disc drivers, to sanding discs, to sanding screens to get your job completed in less time and more economically.

Floor Cleaning Chemicals

These are the chemicals and pastes to use to clean, maintain and restore floors to perfection…

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