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NW Quik Pull

Tired Of Wrestling With Fence Posts, Tree Stumps And Tent Stakes? We Have The Solution!

The NW Quik Pull is the simplest and easiest way to pull out a fence post and the concrete plug attached to it with the least amount of effort. If you’re looking for the best manual fence post puller on the market today, you’ve found it!

As great as this tool is for pulling fence posts, the fuctionality doesn’t stop there. The NW Quik Pull makes a great landscaping tool as well, making short work of small trees, shrubs, bamboo and bushes that need removal.

Our tool works so well in fact that it’s been endorsed by multiple rental organizations across the country and is carried in a growing network of tool rental shops throughout the U.S..

Our tool has also been adopted for use by several event companies, sign companies as the fastest and safest way to remove stakes, signs and anchors from the ground.

What Makes The NW Quik Pull The Best Post Puller Around?

Our post pulling tool is portable, weighing only 50lbs, thereby requiring only one person to operate it.  This is a mechanical tool requiring little to no maintenance.  There is no electricity or hydraulics involved which makes it more earth friendly. It can go where a truck or tractor cannot, thereby not leaving tire tracks in your yard or garden.

The NW Quik Pull will leave the least amount of damage to your yard or garden while pulling your fence post.  This tool is also versatile, it can be used on fence posts with or without the concrete plug, T-posts, shrubs, bamboo, grape vines, vine posts, and much more!

The NW Quik Pull is recognized as a powerful tool by two of the largest professional rental organizations in the United States, the ARA and the CRA.  Trust the tool professionals trust.

Fence Post Puller

4×4 Posts, Chain Link posts, T-Posts, concrete plug in the ground….It doesn’t matter the NW Quik Pull will make short work of the job.

Tree Puller

Small trees, shrubs, bamboo even grape vines, the NW Quik Pull turns what used to be hours of work into minutes. Save time and your back!

What Can NW Quik Pull Do For you?

Post Puller

4×4 posts, round wood posts, even metal posts from chain link or t-posts, the NW Quik Pull makes easy work of any of them. No need to worry about the concrete plug in the ground either, the NW Quik Pull is going to pull that right out as well.

Landscaping Tool

Too many times our customers have ended up with back pain after hours of work trying to remove trees and shrubs from their homes. The NW Quik Pull puts an end to that. Get the job done in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the effort!

Tent Stake Puller

Large event tents need to be secured, sometimes with dozens of stakes. It can very labor intensive to remove those stakes at break down, save time and save money with the NW Quik Pull. This tool is the most efficent tool to remove stakes avaiable.

Rental vs Retail

Not everyone needs a NW Quik Pull, sometimes you have a single job you need to do and the price of a professional puller tool would be excessive for your project. We’ve partnered with rental companies across the USA to give you access when you need it.

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