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869 Grenoble Blvd., Pickering, Ontario, L1W 1T7 Canada

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Northrock manufactures Gasoline and Electric Vibrators. Specialized Ceiling and Industrial Grinders.

Gasoline Vibrators

When concrete consolidation is required for remote or mobile applications, there’s nothing like a Northrock Backpack Vibrator System. These units are designed for use where electrical power is not conveniently available or for applications where extra mobility is desired. No tangled air hoses or electrical extension cords.

Northrock Backpack Vibrators offer just the right 10,000 vpm mid-frequency and force characteristics required to set material particles in motion fast for rapid consolidation of homogenous mixes without destroying important freeze-thaw pressure-relief chains produced by small air bubbles. And Northrock concrete vibrators are designed to maintain these optimum frequencies regardless of slump, head diameter or other load conditions.

Electric Vibrators

For the past 15 years NNORTHROCK’s two stroke Pro-50 backpacks have become synonymous with very powerful, rugged, yet light weight protable vibrators. The new Pro-50 4S Backpacks were developed to compliment out two stroke engine line by offering a four stroke Honda engine. Build with the same attention to quality, the four stroke engines meet higher emission requirements and do not require a fuel oil mix. The can also be used with any brand flexible shaft and head.

Hand Held Grinders

Perfect for Grinding, Trimming, Sanding and Buffing

CSV 20 
2 Cycle Vibrator  22 cc  EFCO


CSV Portable Vibrator

Features & Benefits

The CSV 20 is the perfect highly portable vibrator for light-duty
and medium-duty concrete jobs.

  • Lightweight Easy to use
  • All in one Ergonomic Handle Durable
  • Soft tipped heads that prevent marring of expensive forms


  • Sidewalks Footings
  • Slabs
  • Curbs


Gas Vibrators

Features & Benefits

  • The Pro-5-G HP Gas Concrete Vibrator Power Unit is perfect for job sites when electricity is unavailable
  • The Power Unit allows users to easily start and stop without turning off the engine due to centrifugal clutches
  • Protective Steel Frame
  • Optional Wheelbarrow Mount Available


Ceiling Grinders

Northrock offers a range of various grinders for concrete ceilings and other applications.

Northrock PRO1200 Series of ceiling grinders are designed for long term reliability combined with the operating efficiencies needed to get work done quickly and easily. With a choice of power units and heavyduty frames, Northrock grinders withstand the rigors of these tough applications and give many years of superior service.

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