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Air Tools

Pneumatic breakers

Our pneumatic breakers are available in different models and sizes in order to suit a variety of applications. There is a choice of several different shanks to cater to the needs in different markets. You can choose from standard breakers, standard breakers with a muffler for noise reduction (S models) and vibration reduced breakers with state-of-the-art vibration dampening (SVR models). All S and SVR models comply with the European Union Noise Directive (2000/14/EC) and are CE-marked.

Not sure about which breaker is the right one for the job you need to get done? Make sure to check the difference between the light, medium and heavy pneumatic breakers and when to use which one.

Spike drivers

These specialized spike drivers are built to the same exacting specifications as our heavy duty pneumatic breakers, but with an open front head without tool retainer. The opening in the front head accepts a maximum spike head diameter of 44 mm. Both models are “Hushed Power” versions equipped with a muffler.

Pick hammers

Designed for challenging applications in advanced renovation, construction or rock breaking, our pick hammers offer the right combination of power and easy handling to do the job right. Rugged, straightforward construction and versatility make them a popular choice for tough job sites.

Clay diggers

Our clay diggers are ideal for soil digging thanks to the design with an exhaust port at the top, allowing the unit to be buried almost to the handle. These models offer one of the most powerful blows, along with the right combination of blows per minute and weight for clay digging and rock-breaking applications.

Chipping hammers

From chipping to cutting, our chipping hammers balance reliable hitting power with easy handling for dependable performance in a wide range of environmental conditions. They’re designed to deliver the optimal specific blows per minute (BPM) for light and medium-hard renovation and construction tasks.

Rivet buster

For excellent hitting power per kg, our rivet busters are the right choice — delivering one of the best power-to-weight ratios available. A T-handle breaker would need to be at least twice as heavy to provide equivalent performance. Yet even with all this power, our rivet busters are easy to control thanks to low blow frequency and a teasing throttle. They’re perfect for a variety of concrete and metal applications.

Rotary hammers

Our range of compact and lightweight plughole drills includes tools capable of drilling holes from 8 up to 44 mm. CP 0009 is perfect for dilling holes from 8 up to 25 mm diameter, up to 300 mm in depth. For applications where more power is needed, the CP 0014 would be the tool to use.

Sinkers/surface rock drills

Looking for the ideal tool for all handheld drilling operations? Our rock drills are the way to go. They offer a streamlined design, low air consumption and are easy to handle. On top of that, you can count on a high performance, robustness and low maintenance costs. Furthermore, the lubrication system keeps working parts constantly protected and the constant drilling speed helps maintain a long service life.


Our scabblers are lightweight and compact, equipped with tungsten-carbide tipped pistons to last longer. The pistons oscillate inside the head or cylinder of the scabbler and strike the surface of the material being worked on. All the scabblers have three pistons mounted in line. The cycling of the pistons occurs due to the air porting arrangements in the piston assembly. The machines are examples of a valveless piston motor.


Looking for the right power to complete contracting operations? Our backfill tampers get the job done, whether you need a tool to handle light, medium or heavy contracting jobs. CP 0003 is well equipped to handle light to medium compacting applications while CP 004 is designed for heavier contracting jobs. The butt is secured to the lower end of the piston rod. A valve in the back head assembly controls the reciprocating movement of the piston. The hand valve (trigger) controls the air flow.

Dust Collector

Keep your construction site dust free with our new dust collector. Remove dust directly at the source and keep silica dust levels below the permissible exposure limit. Connect to one of our compressors and keep your construction site dust free, all day long. Working with multiple tools? Use our 2-tooler conversion kit and enjoy our dust collector to the max.

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